Teach your kitchen moisture dehumidifier small coup


washing powder

The kitchen is a laundry dehumidification treasure. Pour the detergent out of dehumidification box, cover with plastic or plastic wrap directly on the box of detergent, poke a few holes in the membrane, placed in any position in the kitchen and wet in its water. Detergent saturated with moisture to form a lump, lumps of detergent can continue to wash clothes.


2, candle

Candles can reduce the humidity in the air. If the family has a musty, you can select with the fragrance of scented candles lit, not only to moisture, but also remove musty.



3, charcoal

Charcoal, charcoal surface voids can adsorb water vapor, both deodorizing effect, small kitchen area for dehumidification. Among them, the charcoal is very easy to use moisture-proof products.


4, sachet

Dried orange peel and a tablespoon of pepper or granular peppercorns, dry tobacco or dried chrysanthemum petals put together a small cloth bag and put in drawers or storage containers is a natural insect repellent and fragrant agent.


5, paper towel roll

Kitchen paper towel roll into a shaft-like bleach into the water until the bleach wipes saturated with water after the pick up, and then directly deposited in the mold where the growth of about 10 minutes, about one or two can completely remove the mildew.



6, newspaper

Newspaper is a treasure, to moisture mildew can taste the ink insecticide. At the bottom of the cabinet, and even the inside of the closet door labeled newspapers, can play a good dehumidifying effect.


7, coffee grounds

Coffee drinkers who may also be used coffee grounds into the gauze bag, clean old stockings or socks, and made a small portable dehumidifier bag on the kitchen corner, both absorbent deodorant double effect.


SECRETARY meter cupboard Special Weapon

Return to its source, the kitchen had to be better to purchase a good moisture dehumidifier cabinet, so just stay on the surface of the water vapor, without prejudice to the cabinet, does not lead to mildew.

SECRETARY meter cupboard new 3D laser plate series of cabinets, laser edge technology, Edge and finishes 360 ° perfect sheet wrapped on the plate superior seal protection, without the use of adhesives, without leaving seams. Implement five core product advantages: no pollutant, no mildew, no leakage aldehyde, can not afford to side, not swollen. Just adapt and wet spring season, give your life escort. Sheet issue

A lady home cabinets installed only a year, because they live on the first floor, moisture more powerful, a plate back to the south to take on water drops.

“Edge not cover all of the core plate, the cabinet side panels combined with the gap growing, more and more black, but also mildew” Faced with the growing micro-cabinet expansion of the plate, Lee sad to say.

“If you do not have a tissue to wipe away, taste particularly bad!”


Table problem

Ms. F’s work often have to travel.

She said that once after washing steamer forget to clean and paint pot of water directly on the cabinet table two weeks, a business trip and found the water table in rust infiltrated want to wipe up all indelible.


Baskets problem

Mr. D is a small family kitchen, fitted disinfection cabinet space, so he installed below the two sides of the stove basket.

Some time ago he bought a cheap no-name in the cupboard under the friend strongly recommended, to take over after the discovery stove cabinet width is not suitable now standard basket size.

He can only directly increase two 18mm thick plate made plate installed at the rail, but now every time the door opened the basket or scraping, repentant.


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