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Product Description

  • PATENT TECHNOLOGY: Use 99% PolyMuscleTM high-density polyurethane high resilience foam provides gentle bounce-back support and soft cushioning that offers numerous therapeutic benefits for your back, hips, knees and ankles.
  • 5 SAFES FOR YOUR FAMILY: (Tested by SGS Group Laboratory) 1) Antimicrobial properties for added protection; 2) Non-toxic (20 Soluble heavy metal);3) Non-phthalate (XVII of REACH); 4) Antimicrobial activity test; 5) Flame retardant
  • WASHABLE & STAIN-RESISTANT: ideal kitchen mat anti-fatigue for commercial restaurant Abrasion-resistant surface, easy to clean. Test: put 4 kinds of materials on mat for 1 hour, then clean by 9% detergent solubility, NO RESIDUE.
  • NON-SLIP: Special yellow PU elastomer anti slip strip Grip bottom protect you from slipping on floor mat Safe Beveled Edge design by Polymuscle PU integral skin foam. Super skid resistance and decorative pattern.
  • AMAZING TOUCH FEELING: special felling for sole, mat’s top & bottom surfaces are integral skin Polyurethane material, high density Polyurethane foam in middle, commercial grade comfort for foot over long time.
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