Kitchen Floor Mats – Give Your Kitchen A Regal Look

Kitchen floor mats are helpful in keeping your walking areas same from food, moisture and grease. Kitchen floor mats are generally dense rubber mats that provide comfort, fatigue relief and proper drainage. Besides these advantages, kitchen floor mats are anti-slip as well. These mats provide.

Along with these benefits, kitchen floor mats are also anti-slip. These mats offer exclusive and standard finishes to the kitchen area and provide long term profits in the performance of chefs, home makers, hobbyists and service experts. Standing on tile or hardwood floors for a long time can lead to discomfort in the back or feet and will gradually cause severe back pain. For this reason, these mats can be used as they are attractive, lend a regal look to the kitchen and also help in maintaining your feet and back.

Below are different types of kitchen floor mats:

Drainage Rubber Mats

Drainage Rubber mats are heavy duty, durable rubber mats, designed with a low3/8’’ profile for low floor clearance and also meet with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. They are up to 100% skid-resistant nitrile rubber which makes these floor mats oil, grease and petroleum proof.

They also provide superb anti-fatigue and antimicrobial properties which guard the mats from degradation by microorganisms and eliminate any odor. These rubber floor mats cleaned and washed easily in a commercial laundry machine.

Comfort Zone Kitchen Mats

Comfort Zone Kitchen Mats have a drainage system and a textured surface. These kitchen mats provides proper drainage and denigrating slippage. They have broad beveled borders on all the four sides and are finest for standalone mat environments. They are grease-resistant and offered in black and red with a 5/8″ thick profile.

Versa Runner Kitchen Mats

Versa Runner Kitchen Mats are the most robust rubber kitchen mats which have slotted holes for drainage, a raised knob surface to boost luxury and a wiper blade at the bottom for traction. They are fabricated of 100% grease proof nitrile rubber and are available in several colors with a 3/8″ thick profile. They are deluxe for kitchen areas where constant length is necessary and are easy to cut on-site for custom design.

Sanitop Kitchen Mats

Sanitop Kitchen Mats are flexible rubber mats with a large and small holes drainage system. They are ideal standalone kitchen mats that give both luxury and durability. These mats are available in black and red with a 1/2″ thick profile.

Knob Top Kitchen Mats

Knob Top Kitchen Mats are footing rubber runner mats with a solid-top knobbed structure. They are fabricated with nitrile rubber and are 100% grease proof. The mats are available in a range of colors with a 1/4″ thick profile. They are best for kitchen areas where a continuous length of luxury matting is required.

Kitchen floor mats are common in food cooking areas, restaurants and bars etc. Made of rubber with or without grease-resistant competence, these mats also provide superb anti-fatigue properties for people working in wet or greasy environments.

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