Not just for the kitchen. Wonderful for the laundry room too.

The thickness of this floor mat makes standing on it rather than the floor so much more comfortable. Having one in front of the kitchen sink is great, but where I really love having this is in my laundry room. I end up standing in there for such a long time folding laundry, it's wonderful to have this gel mat in there to stand on. It's thick and cushy, so even when I kneel down to get clothes out of the dryer, it doesn't kill my knees to kneel on this like it would the floor.The lined textured design along the top is nice, and something I hadn't seen on other gel mats. My other gel mat is smooth on the top and one thing I noticed about this one is that little things that do show up on the smooth mat don't on the textured one. Like pet hair that normally shows up really well on my smooth mat, isn't as noticeable on this one. Also if I get a little water on this mat the texture keeps it from getting slippery.

I really love this product

I really love this product. It has been very easy to clean compared to my older floor mats. Wipes off easy with just a small amount of soap and drys really fast. They are extremely comfortable with a lot of support and they are slip resistant. I highly recommend this product and will definitely be purchasing more!

Comfortable and clean looking.

Nice thick foam mat. Worked great tonight washing the dishes. Very comfortable and I didn't feel like it broke down. Many other mats after a few minutes you can feel you are almost I the hard ground. Mainly posting so you can see the actual picture. This is lime green. Glad it's not that electric lime.

Customer 2
Customer Alice

This is a very well made anti fatigue mat. This is the first one that I have seen that has an imprint texture on it that looks like tree branches. It is non slip and once down stays put. So much so that there is a built in tab to pull it up from your floor. I have another mat that does not have this feature and its a fight when it comes time to mop. It does have a slight smell when you first pull it out of the plastic, but it dissipates quickly. Nuva was kind enough to send a sample for review. Measures 30 by 20 inches in size.


Absolutely the Best Memory Foam Anti-Slip mat I have bought. At least so far. Very expensive, but if it continues to hold up then it is money well spent. Waiting awhile to see then will buy a second for in front of my fridge. Just bought from Amazon a red rug that suppose to be anit-slip...not.

Ian Doe

I love this mat. As a private chef I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day while standing on a hard surface. I have noticed an improvement in my back and knees and feet. I have one at the sink and the stove and my chopping station station. Highly recommend

Jane Black
CEO Manager

This is the Best Memory Foam Anti-Slip mat. It's very confortable and my mom loves it. She said thta the coushion helps her legs and feet from fatugue and it's very easy to clean. The green color looks very nice in our kitchen.